This Jim Stovall Virtual Package was created specially for Virtual Heart of the Samurai #1 and it includes: 


  • The Ultimate Gift movie which is the first film in the trilogy.  The books and movies in this series have grossed over 100 million dollars.
  • The Ultimate Life movie, the prequel to The Ultimate Gift.  Peter Fonda joins The Ultimate Gift cast and shows the origin of the gifts.
  • The Ultimate Legacy movie, the sequel to The Ultimate Gift and third in the trilogy. Stars Raquel Welch and shows that the meaning of life is to find our gift, and our purpose is to give it away. 
  • The Lamp movie stars Academy Award-winner Louis Gossett, Jr.  Its theme is the message of much of Jim Stovall’s work.  
  • Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy documentary. Feature-length film highlighting the impactful messages from Napoleon Hill with scenes depicting the success of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and many others.  Includes commentary from Jim Stovall and other 21st century thought leaders.
  • Jim Stovall “Yes, You Can” arena event video takes viewers into the arena for one of Jim’s 2019 corporate events. This was one of the largest gatherings of real estate professionals in the world. 
  • Sunset card: memento reminding participants of the key messages in Jim Stovall’s presentation and includes his contact info.
  • Sunset song: an inspiring composition written and performed by Jim Stovall sharing his memories of a sunset.
  • Cornerstones Poem: an inspiring poem written by Jim Stovall highlighting the world filled with immense possibilities and how we must maximize each of them. 
  • Winners’ Wisdom Column: participants will begin receiving Jim Stovall’s weekly syndicated column read by people around the world in newspapers, magazines, and online publications. (Contains contact info, and those who purchase the package are encouraged to have a dialogue with Jim Stovall once they have absorbed all of the material in this package.)


Jim Stovall Virtual Package


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