Maggie La Hue


Coaching Specialties:
One on One, sales, personal growth,
radio marketing sales, small groups and SMART goals

I am a Significant, Bold, Abundant and Grounded woman!
Phone: 970.314.3201

Are you feeling like there is more to life?  Are you feeling unfulfilled?  Do you struggle with clarity around what you want?  Do you make goals, get close to achieving them and then don’t seem to follow through all the way to the end?
Well if any of these questions resonate with you, then I am excited for you!! This only means you are human and that if you don’t want to stay stuck where you are, you have a great opportunity to bust through old habits and create more in your life.  I would love to be your guide on this exciting adventure to discovering your answers and bringing you to a place in life where you get to choose more and better.  You get to choose clarity and the best part is that all the answers are there, we just get to uncover them together.
Maggie La Hue has been married to Devlin La Hue for 17 years; she and her husband have two energetic boys and live in beautiful Palisade Colorado.  As a wife, mother and career driven women she has a lot to offer anyone she coaches.  Over the last 16 years Maggie has invested in her own learning and growing with Zig Zigglar, Tony Robbins, and Bob Proctor training's as well as Dale Carnegie courses.  In 2010 Maggie was introduced to Klemmer & Associates.  After discovering the Klemmer opportunity she dove in head first completing Personal Mastery, Advance Leadership, Heart of the Samurai and Sam Camp within eight months. During this time she also hosted a Champions Workshop and Personal Mastery.


Tel: 800-577-5447

Fax: 707-762-1685​

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